Using Electron



Game Pencil's Editor does not contain Electron due to  it's file-size, FFmpeg libraries and  update cycle. Game Pencil Editor's does come ready to use 5 types of Electron. It's Windows(32Bit & 64bit), OSX(64bit) and Linux(32bit & 64bit).


Here are 11 easy steps to integrate Electron into your Game Pencil Desktop projects.

  1. Start by downloading Electron from its releases page here.
  2. Download the proper copies of Electron for your target platforms.
  3. Unzip your Electron downloads.
  4. Download Electron 's respective FFmpeg .zip files and replace the ones that the Electron folders.
  5. Delete the "resources/default_app.asar" file.
  6. Copy the Windows 32 bit folder with new FFmpeg file(s) into Game Pencil's "build_folder/win32build_electron"
    • ONLY STORE Electron/FFmpeg files in these folders.
  7. Repeat Step 5 and 6 for your other targeted platforms.
  8. Open your Game Pencil Project.
  9. Go to Project Properties, select the "Platforms" tab and select "Windows", "OSX" or "Linux" from the left platform pane.
  10. For Build Type, select "Use Electron" from the radio buttons in the the editor pane.
  11. Build Project and see build log.

If you experience any trouble doing this please contact us at or the Electron community.

Legal Notice: Electron uses a custom FFmpeg library that is supposed to be patent-safe. We are not entirely sure if this is the case and we encourage you seek legal advice from legal professionals. The FFmpeg library has a legal section which needs to be looked over before deciding if you wish to use it or not.