Texture Editor

1.Overview #

The Texture Editor is the easiest to use editor inside of Game Pencil. It is used to import texture images and assign them to the the GPE texture resource.


Pictured above you can see the Texture Editor with a grass image as it's texture. Simple eh?

2.Texture Properties #

  1. Texture Image - The file location of the image(when uploaded this becomes an actual game object with an engine-specific texture wrappper. null if no image is loaded.
  2. Texture Width - The width of the image. 0 if no image is loaded.
  3. Texture Height - The height of the image. 0 if no image is loaded.
  4. Preloaded - If checked, this makes the texture part of the game's opening loading screen. If false, it is loaded when needed(although its width/height is defaulted to its editor value on export for coding purposes).



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