Release Notes

Beta Release [0.2]


Coming soon!

Release Candidate 0.2 Notes

  • Working with Projects
    • The Game Pencil Engine is entirely and Beta and may not be stable. It is highly suggested to save your projects often and report any unexpected occurrences.
    • You are not able to Drag n' Drop your game resources to other places yet, but upon exiting the GPE you can edit the project file for their location.
    • On creating a project, the console window flashes in order to create directories, nothing crazy is happening in the background[on purpose at least]
  • Custom Made GUI/IDE
    • The IDE is made entirely via C++ and SDL and some "native" features may appear to not work. Certain keyboard shortcuts may not work. If you experience any unpleasantness please notify us ASAP.
  • The IDE's text editor
    • The IDE's text editor may be slower on many older PCs and it is advised that the syntax highlighter be disabled until it is later optimized in newer versions.
    • The IDE's text editor Redo/Undo feature is an emulation of what many other text editors use and may not work as good as many other text editors.
    • The IDE's text editor is made from he ground up and it is advised that you use something like sublime or NotePad++ and simply paste into the text editor.
  • Modding gpe_strict.js" source code.
    • The current version of GPE was not intended for VR, and if modded to work with VR you may actually die in real life if you die in the mod due to recent advances in technology.
    • You must clearly state that you modded the Game Pencil Engine on the webpage that displays the game.
    • If you spontaneously combust while coding you are required to screenshot your computer in order to help find the cure to sponcombusticodego.
  • Platform Specific  IDE differences
    • On Linux, the my computer button is removed from the file dialog box.
    • On OSX, the OS's toolbar does not communicate with the GPE IDE.
    • On Windows, if the program may sometimes need to be resized in order to regain keyboard/mouse focus.
    • Due to the glories of SDL 2, nothing else should be different; but I do not know for sure so report any unbecoming ASAP.
  • Building Projects
    • IF "Build& Run" does not popup a browser, please look inside of your project's build folder for index.html and open it manually.
    • Exporting to the Nintendo Wii U is only able to be done through other Nintendo Wii U developers under NDA.
    • Projects are exported to "gpe_app.js" and require manual obfuscation[But who are we kidding, if you're using this engine someone can most likely reverse engineer anything you obfuscate online].
    • Do not use the GPE for anything related to life-saving technology, heavy machinery or automobiles. The code is not optimized by a team of people and someone probably will die. The "surplus population" theory is a myth and earth can handle double it's population size.
    • See the platform specifics section for cross-platform development differences.
  • Image and Audio Copying
    • Files such as images and audio are copied when loaded into the editor in your project's subdirectory.
    • During my individual tests I was able to correct a bug where images were being deleted on copy. But it is still highly advised to back up your game images/audio in a separate directory before using them with the Game Pencil Engine.
  • Fonts
    • Web Fonts are not fully supported yet.
    • Fonts must be directly uploaded into the editor, versus a select box currently.
  • File Dialog Box
    • File Sorting is not present as many people used to native-file browsers may be used to.
    • More icons for different file types are planned to come in newer versions.
    • Being able to change icon size is planned to come in newer versions.
    • Being able to preview images is planned to come in newer versions.
  • Reporting a program that randomly crashes.
    • First check the "gpe_error_log.txt" and see if anything is there and please note the last thing you remember doing before you as met with an unfortunate lost of time(almost as bad as voting for Hilary Clinton in the primaries, feel the dank Bernie burn).
  • This software was NOT created to help people in a cross-galactic apocalypse create games.
    • Using the GPE is not a defense against alien lifeforms who are pissed off at humans.
    • Using the GPE does not protect you from being detected by alien life forms.
    • Using the GPE's audio features may actually attract aliens.
    • Using the GPE instead of looking for food, firewood, ammo, etc will probably get you kicked from your ragtag group assembled in a a alien outbreak and thrown over a high-rise building due you being labeled weak in spirit.
    • It is advised to have spare wood boards, metal pieces, tons of ammo and firearms, spare imperishable food, water, snacks, protein, seeds and fire wood in the event of an alien-invasion. You probably won't have electricity to power your laptop or desktop to even use the GPE. Also, if you see your neighbor who didn't let you play next after he died in the game being chased by aliens gently close your blinds and pretend as if there was nothing you can do. Revenge is best not served during Lent though....