1.Creating A New Project #

If you just downloaded Game Pencil you probably may be a little unsure of what to do first. So here is our non-cumbersome guide to creating new projects.


This is probably the screen you are looking at now:


Okay so there are a few ways to create a new Project. Either use the Shortcut CTRL+N , scroll through the editor's Top Toolbar Under "File" and Select "New Project" or simply click on the Project Browser icon on the Top ButtonBar or Editor Shortcuts and from there select "New Project".

If you somehow were able to do that you will probably see a small menu that looks like this:

The most important items on that menu is "Project Location" and "Project Name". GPE Projects are saved as a ".gppf" file. So simply click browser or magically type your project location in the text input field.  This is crucial, your project's location will also create a folder to store all of your related project files.  For example if you create "C:\NewGPEProject.gppf" it will also create a folder named "C:\NewGPEProject" with subfolders and files for your project there. Your Project Name the name of your project used in editor and export mainly.

For now do not worry about the last two drop down menus. Select Create and then you should see something like this:






without the orange shapes and lines we made of course.


If you do, congrats you have created a game project!


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