Platform Specifics

1.Windows, OSX and Linux

We are currently packaging our desktop builds via Electron.

Please see our Electron Usage Guide for details on how to connect Electron with Game Pencil’s Editor.

There are plans for Q3 2017 for an alternate “Native Engine” to be made for your Game Pencil Projects.


The GPE is literally made for HTML5. IF something weird happens, the user’s browser may be outdated or incompatible(Usually IE 8 or earlier, many mobile browsers , etc).


Saving and Loading Data uses the “localStorage” feature of HTML5 and “browser cookies” as a fallback.


Users playing your game in “incognito mode” will most likely experience issues and it is advised to forewarn your users of this possible unpleasantness.

The current version of GPE builds your game with your “source code” visible and not obfuscated.

We hope to release a future version with this as an option, but for now one is advised to use a third party obfuscation tool to attempt to “protect” their much valuable source code.

3.Nintendo Switch


Please check back in Q3 2017 for more information of the new powerful and portable Nintendo Switch.


Do not believe the rumors of specs, just become a Nintendo Developer.

4.Nintendo Wii U


The current version of the Game Pencil Engine doesn’t convert keyboard/mouse controls over instantly to the Wii U Buttons.


Use the standardized gamecontroller system in your code and all will go smoothly.


We made the Game Pencil engine as an alternative to the current game engines that support the Wii U that was too Drag n’ Drop focused. It should work fine, but if there are not roses and unicorns and rainbows, let us know and we can see if we need to optimize the code after we verify we are both under NDA(even though the code is already open source to you).


Also, the specs on Wii U should be considered if you’re trying to make a game with 2000K on screen-objects.


The rest is under NDA.


Join the glorious developer program here, tell them PawByte sent ya.

5.Playstation 4

We do not have a Playstation developer license yet so, have fun with their NDA when seeking help.

6.Xbox One

We are licensed Xbox developers; but at this time we do not currently have a working build on the Xbox One at this time.


Someone probably will mod our engine to work for mobile. Currently, we have done no testing for mobile yet, so good luck.

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