Font Editor

1.Overview #

The font editor is used to import fonts into your project.  From here, you are able specify properties on the font resource selected.

2.Font Properties #

  1. Font name - The name of this asset. This name will be used to reference this specific font.
  2. Font size - This property will dictate how large/small the font will be. The minimum font size is 8.
  3. Preview text - The text typed in this textbox will be used as an example in the center pane to show how the font will look using the loaded font.
  4. Font type - This will setup the asset to be either a monospaced font or a normal font.
    1. Normal font - A normal font is a font that may vary kerning values in addition to glyph width.
    2. Monospaced font - A font where each glyph spans the same width for every character in the fontset. Kerning values are also the same across the board.
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